Rules of Survival, Crossfire, Counter-Strike GO VIP Cheats

Are you tired of looking Rules of survival cheats? Worry-free because this VIP cheat will surely satisfy your needs. Not just that, Crossfire NA, Crossfire PH, and CS-GO is also on the list. Hax4you team made this cheat for free. It’s one of the best among the best VIP cheats that offer free updates, so you don’t have to download it all over again to get the latest version. The best thing is it has a low chance of ban so it has also included a warning as to what features you should not use to avoid getting banned. This cheats has a lot of features including wallhack, player box, player distance, detects bots, and many more. Below is the list of the features available on Rules of Survival game VIP cheat.

Rules of Survival VIP Cheat includes:

  • Anti report with report count
  • ESP or Extra Sensory Perception
  • Aimbot
  • Teleport or Telekill
  • Environment hack which consists of no grass, no water, and no fog
  • Transparency


  1. Once the cheat is completely downloaded, disable your anti-virus. this is very important to avoid the high risk of ban.
  2. After that, extract the VIP Cheat. Open the cheat and you will be redirected to their download page which has an ads.
  3.  It will take 2-3 minutes to complete it but once the cheat is activated, you don’t need to do the skipping of ads again.
  4. It will take 4 hours before the activation code will expire. Once you reached the limit, you have to do the survey ads again.
  5. Once it’s activated, start the cheat. It will say “Start Rules of Survival Now”. The cheat will wait for ros.exe to load.
  6. Once you opened the game, the cheat will automatically close.
  7. Login to your game and wait until the game will completely load.
  8. Once you’re in your lobby, check the top left of your lobby if it has a GREEN TEXT. If there’s a green text, it means, the cheat is working.
  9. If you didn’t see any green text, that means  you have to close the game and open the cheat again.
  10. Once the cheat is successfully activated, start a game first. The cheat will not be shown if you’re in your lobby.
  11. Once you’re inside the waiting game area, click INSERT on your keyboard to show the cheat menu.
  12. Remember that only activate the cheat that is needed to avoid being banned.

It’s exciting. Isn’t it? Let me just remind you that although this is free to use, you will encounter so many ads which are annoying. This is very important because if you will not be able to complete those things, you will never the activation code. You can download the cheat below.

Download it here

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